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Professional Helicopter Pilot Course

The Professional Pilot Course is for individuals who wish to become career pilots. Unless you are working as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), most companies will not hire you unless you have at least 1000 hours Pilot in Command (PIC).

The Professional Pilot Course provides you with the license and ratings needed to be employed as a CFII, which then enables you to gain hours and experience to reach the desired 1000 hours PIC.

  • 150 hours flight training
  • 50 hours IFR flight training
  • 5 hours Dual R22 / R44
  • R22 / R44 PIC sign off
  • 90 hours ground training
  • Books and supplies
  • Pilot aids
  • 5 FAA Practical Test / Examiner Fee’s (PPL, CPL, IR, CFI, CFII)
  • 3 FAA Practical Test’s – 1.5 hour rental (PPL, CPL, CFI)
  • 2 FAA Practical Test’s – 1.5 hour rental (IR, CFII)
  • 5 FAA Written Exam’s (PPL, CPL, IR, CFI, CFII)
  • Enrollment
  • Insurance
  • Medical

More Facts & Figures

  • Southern Helicopters is a FAA Approved Part 61 Training Facility providing a well outlined syllabus to optimize training.
  • The total cost is based on the average number of hours individuals take to complete the Professional Pilot Training Course. In some cases students may exceed the number of hours outline in the cost of the program and may be required to pay the additional cost of training required to complete the program.
  • Southern Helicopters will take care of scheduling and booking the check ride with the FAA examiner.
  • Payment due upon delivery of service.
  • Approximately 40 hrs of instrument logged from 50 hours. For every flight about 0.2 hours cannot be logged as Instrument Training as they count for start-up and shut down procedures
  • The CFI training is conducted under FAR Part 61
  • Most of the ground training required for the CFII will be covered during the CFI training.
  • The training totals approximately 195 hours total
  • At the completion of the training you will also have:
    • SFAR 73 B5 – Endorsement to give instruction in an R22 and R44


When maintaining a full-time schedule, completion of training should take about 10 to 12 months. After initial training is conducted, the next step would be to work as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), earning a wage and acquiring hours at no cost (unless you are doing additional training for your own benefit). You should expect to divide the total cost of training up over about 10 months, with most of the cost being in the first 6 months, as this is when the majority of flying is being done.

It generally takes about 18 months of instructing before reaching approximately 1000 Pilot in Command (PIC) hours, which is usually the desired number of hours needed to acquire a position with larger helicopter companies in the industry.

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